Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Blog Clock

In the United Nations headquarters in New York there is a clock (now much copied) measuring the world’s population. It’s mind boggling to look at it seeing the number of humans on this planet increase like the pennies on a petrol pump gauge at a filling station.

There isn’t an equivalent clock for the increase in the numbers of blogs, but Technorati’s quarterly reports get close:
By me writing this and you reading it we are contributing a tiny way to the most extraordinary phenomenon. There are now 35 million blogs in the world and 75,000 new ones are created every day. Many of them only last a few months and many are barely worth reading, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that this is the biggest change in communications since the birth of the internet itself. Everybody can be a journalist an editor and a publisher all at once and it’s instant.

As far as I can see “Unlocking the Potential” is the world’s only empty homes blog. but I could be wrong and a new one could be one of the 75,000 created today. It’s an exciting new frontier.

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