Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Couple of Enhancements

You may have noticed that I have deleted a few comments that have been left on this blog. They’re not the rude ones (they’re still there!) but this blog is now old enough for the spammers to have found their way to it. To save them clogging up the site I have added a couple of enhancements. The first means that you need to register to leave a comment. I can see that readers of this site seem to like to remain anonymous, that’s fine. You can register in what ever name you like and it only takes a few seconds. The second change is word verification when you leave a comment you will see a series of letters written in wobbly font you just have to type them out in the box. It’s easy to do but computer generated spam, pingers etc can’t work it out. I know some people have had trouble registering with this site. If it’s not working for you do let me know via email by clicking on my profile at the bottom of the page.

1 comment:

  1. Two people have emailed me to say they'll only leave comments if they're annonymous. I've reset the settings so that you can do this again.