Thursday, April 13, 2006

How Green is Your Valley?

One of the joys of the Easter break is that instead of being at work you will be able to sit down and watch children’s television. If you haven’t watched it for a while you might be quite surprised – it’s got much better. Blimey even Bob the Builder has gone green! ….Well sort of.

The latest series sees Bob and his gang abandoning his previous odd jobs and maintenance around Bobsville and building a whole new eco friendly development in neighbouring Sunflower Valley. He’ s got his building gang to start using the catchphrase “reduce reuse recycle”. They’re building straw bale houses, underground houses, using sustainable building materials, solar panels, and wind turbines.

I’m all for educating kids early, but one gripe. Sunflower valley is a greenfield development. May be the population of Bobsville and Bobsland are expanding. If so the new characters have got to live somewhere - overcrowding, homelessness and lack of economic mobility are hardly the sots of things that you want to be showing on children’s television. But Bob was pretty green before -maintaining and extending the useful life of houses, restoring derelict houses, adapting buildings so that they can have new uses. But now he’s become a developer ignoring the potential of existing houses, ignoring brownfield sites and going for the easy and profitable option of tearing up the countryside. Shame on you Bob – go back to the old job!

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