Wednesday, April 05, 2006

An Olympian Plan

Yesterday Tony Blair eulogised about how London was preparing for the greatest show on earth. No not the May local elections, but the 2012 Olympic Games. He was speaking at the launch of the Government's report 'Building on Success: London's challenge for 2012'
One of the big themes of London’s Olympic bid was its aim to regenerate London. Inevitably a successful city is also a growing one and a large part of the report is devoted to improving infrastructure and housing supply. My reason for talking about it here is that here is a plan that really sets tackling empty homes within a wide-ranging strategy. Ensuring there are enough decent homes for everybody and that the streets are not littered with empty homes, is one small but important component of a city fit to host the “greatest show on earth”. Other regions and cities may not have the games to host but they could learn from this.

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