Thursday, August 23, 2007

As Bad as Basra

The photo on the right of this column is of a pair of semis in Prescott Drive in Liverpool. It is one of three pairs of semis in a row all empty and in a similar state of neglect. They are the result of what, in my view, is one of the most depressing empty homes stories in the country. I’ve covered it before in this blog, see here and here. Louise Baldock is the local councillor and has published this update on her blog this morning. It does not fill me with hope. What would we be saying if these properties were privately owned? Compulsorily purchase them, take out an EDMO, I suspect. But these houses are already owned by the council and have been for at least seven years. It does nothing to further the cause of local authorities being the agents of managing housing markets. In fact in this case it says to me they are making a pig’s breakfast out of it. Talking about the empty homes Louise says “my residents are living in the sort of circumstances that be familiar in Basra.”


  1. I'm pleased you've highlighted this - so far the Government Office for the North West have let Liverpool council off the PROD hook.

    As a result they continue with their illegal and dangerous stealth demolition of the conservation area through neglect, and residents are left surrounded by dereliction.

    What is bizarre is that offers to buy have been tabled by reputable refurb specialists and local community trusts, but Liverpool have so far stonewalled these investments in favour of a land deal for new build.

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