Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why the Government must do something about Britain’s empty properties

My thanks again to Anne Ashworth for another excellent opinion piece in the Times: see here


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  2. Fantastic link, for anyone wanting a decent size viewing window (up-sized) its on google videos (

    It pretty much concretes my beliefs that money making companies, no matter how you force them, won't do a good job of social housing.

    Bury council are parts of the scheme that forces developers to build a percentage of social housing. Apart from actually hurting the people who have paid 140-200K for a house by putting sometimes (not always) dubious people in their estate and with them paying 40/50% of the cost if anything at all; this sort of system causes further social division by shoehorning low quality buildings into commercial ventured estates.

    Surely it would be better to make them to simply pay a certain amount towards social housing which could then be developed by councils.

    That being said, I'd sooner live in a redbrick house then a house built like a McDonalds restaurant.

  3. Wow after watching that whole programme I just want to strangle a housing developer.
    More so after seeing them trying to evict people from their homes just because they're next to a park, that's just sick and bent.