Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thank You Darling

Amongst all the talk of falling house prices and a collapsing economy another threat to our housing is emerging, - rising vacancy. If trends continue numbers could well pass the million mark next year. Does it matter? You bet it does, in a country bursting at the seams with housing need, the prospect of homes for two million people sitting wasted is nothing less than a scandal. Or if you prefer, think of it this way; statistically speaking you now have a one in twelve chance of living next door to an empty home

So what help did the chancellor offer in yesterday's pre budget report? I'm afraid to say – virtually nothing. There was money for housing associations to build more homes and for them to buy up new flats, but this doesn’t address the problem. Instead this should be the perfect time for housing associations to be buying and renovating run down empty homes. Not only would this help provide the social homes we need, but it would boost employment for builders working on renovation and help regenerate the areas where ordinary people live creating healthy mixed communities.

It may be cheaper to buy up new flats from bankrupt builders, but if the government is spending money it is surely worthwhile investing it where we will reap long-term social benefits.


  1. Unfortunately there's nothing new about the government's lack of recognition of the empties problem. And I'm convinced that as long as private developers can do whatever their board of directors thinks makes sense that day, we're going to get more and more luxury flats that almost nobody wants or can afford. Looking at the intimate relationships between our government and big business, I don't see things changing from within anytime soon.

    Nice figure with the 1 in 12 thing, where is it from?

    Take care and great blog,

  2. You are right and if HACA want to get off to a good start and show that they are going to be different this would be a good thing for them to do.

  3. I think home prices are limited by various factors, such as the incomes of potential buyers, the cost and ability to construct new property to increase supply, and demand for rental units.

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